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Current Web Clients
Take a moment to visit them to see what they are all about.
Blue Box Low Cost Consultation and Estimate
I help define how your web site should be used.
Blue Box Hosting and Maintenance
I can work with the web hosting service you already own or help you set up a new hosting account. I'm here to make sure your web site keeps running!
Blue Box Step by Step Process
After the estimated proposal as been approved, DS:PS asks for a down payment and then I give you ample opportunity to measure progress and pay as you go to the completed site that you approve to "go live."
Blue Box Photography and Image Processing
I can provide most types of photos for your web site.  I use a stock photo supply in most cases. I have the capability to process the images for maximum quality and fastest load times using state-of-the-art image processing technology.  I can also provide this service for graphic elements, as well.
Blue Box Technical Consultation
You don't have to know anything about web site technology to work with me!  I can take care of all of the messy details for you!
Blue Box Promotion
I can provide keyword selection services and meta tags included in your back pages. We will discuss your web marketing services you are wanting to try...with your marketing budget included in the talk!
Blue Box Graphic Design
I create custom buttons, banners, and page layouts to your specification.
Blue Box Special features
I also can provide special features to enhance your web site, such as dynamic text for announcements or fast breaking information, site search features, and site maps. More details on my Software and Services Page.
Please take a moment to check out the current websites that I have designed and continue to maintain. You can click on their home page graphic and will go directly to their entire site.

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